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2011 Denny's Super 30 Minnesota Tournaments

Presented by

Marketing Architects

Feldman Imports

Entry Fee $250.00

Super 30 Minnesota Tournaments Pay Off

1 - $2,800
2 - $1,400
3 - $1,000
4 - $500
5 - $300

Team of the Year Pot - $300

based on 30 Teams

Optional Team of the Year Entry Fee: $50.00
100% payback to top five teams.

The Super 30 Minnesota circuit will have a $250 Entry Fee and an optional big bass pot of $20
per team. We will add $10 from every entry to the $50 and pay it back 100% to the top five teams (we will use a
teams best four out five for their points). Pay off will be as follows: 40%- 25% - 17%- 12% - 6%
$300 from each tournament, based on 30 teams, will be added to the pot.

Joe's Sporting Goods will be giving a $100.00 gift card to the big bass at each of the Minnesota Super 30 tournaments.
That's one more reason to enter this fun series of tournaments.

Feldmann Imports has added $1000.00 to the "Feldmann Imports Team of the Year" pot for the Super 30 Minnesota circuit.
The $50.00 one time entry fee for teams and $10.00 from each entry will be added to the $1000.00 to make a super pay off for our Feldmann Imports Team of the Year winners.
First place is already $400.00 and we don't even have an entry.
Be sure to add your team to this optional competition as it will be a super pay off for the top five teams.
We will use your best four out of five tournaments for your point total.
A $100 deposit per tournament (non-refundable) will hold your team's entry.
The balance for each tournament is due prior to the boat draw. ($25.00 late fee)
The boat draw will take place on the Wednesday prior to each tournament.
Any team that enters all tournaments will have 1st priority for the tournament limit (50 teams)

Minn-Kota & Hummingbird - Announce new prize package.
The top team in the Super 30 Minnetonka and Super 30 Minnesota circuits that have both a Minn-Kota trolling motor and Hummingbird electronics on their boat will receive a "Clothing Package". You need to have both in use on your boat to be eligible for this prize. This will be two "packages" and we can work out the size that you need. Minn-Kota and Hummingbird have sponsored the Super 30 tournaments for many years and this is a great Extra prize for the winners.


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Team of the Year Standings

Super 30 Rules

Super 30 MN Entry Form

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